West Side Story: Behind The Scenes

We are one month and eleven days away from the show. At the moment we are finalizing the Act 1 of the production and will do the run through this weekend. It will be followed by the last part, Act 2, and promotional activities for the production.

Early bird tickets have been sold since March 6. From tomorrow onwards, we will sell regular tickets and they can be purchased through our partner BookMyShow and other ticket boxes: kiosTix.com and tiket.com.

The production team is also having busy days ahead with the press conference at IFI (Institut Français d’Indonésie) on Tuesday, April 4, and the first Fundraising Gala Dinner at Nomz, Grand Indonesia on Wednesday, April 5.

Last but not least we would like to show you what we have been doing during the rehearsals. Here’s our first behind the scene video for the JPAC West Side Story.


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