Assembling the crew – *late post

Director’s note

We had our first full production meeting last week. I had been preparing the presentation for quite awhile, and have never been able to finish them or articulate them clear enough. Until the very last night before our first full crew production meeting (Dec 4 2016).

We had a small production meeting that night where producers talked about the venues and challenges of each place.  It is not easy to get a space that ticks all the boxes. Some place is good, but expensive, that other place is really good, inexpensive, but isn’t available (ugh),  others have difficult access, too far, too narrow, too big, etc, etc.  It is not easy putting together a theater production, but oh.. How exciting it is, though.  I had a fever that night, but also a buzz.  The kind of buzz you get when you’re excited.

I was burnin up when I got home.  And then the idea of the production came to me. Amidst the fever, It was actually pretty clear.. (it could also be a delirium..who knows..).  Started jotting down ideas and finished it that very night. Hurrah!

the invitation sent out to crews

The full crew meeting day.

The weather was pretty s***  (pardon my lang), raining hard in the morning, Alex the producer got rained down and arrived soaking wet.  But the meeting went great!  Not all of crews managed to come, we had around 20 people show up, I was grateful nonetheless.

The first crew meeting was to get to know everyone and talked about how we move forward with the show, and explained a bit about the organizational chart.  But all in all is to welcome the new addition to the WSS team.


New friends, new energy, great spirits.  Afterall, this is what being in the community all about, right?

Here they are .  (The complete crew details will be put up on the website)



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